2007-02 Agent Compiler

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Joachime, poniżej jest tylko szkic ,czuj się swobodny w zmienianiu i refaktoryzacji :) .


Compiler aim is to compile given source into binary.

What does Compiler Agent do ?

Messages flow
  1. Receives sources
  2. Compiles it
    1. If. Success sends binaries to Checker Agent
    2. If. Fail sends compilation problem info to User Interface Agent
  3. Confirms processing (according communication api protocol)

Message format

Compiler Agent accept messages in following format (put under X suitable data):

Version: 0.01
User: X
Problem set: X
Problem name: X
Source size: X
Source data :


Binary data begins after new line separator and next information is after newline sepearator.
So, use new line separator before and after data chunk.

The same as in Agent Queue two newline separators are acceptable: <CR> and <CR><LF>

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