(Simple Contest System or SCS Contest System ) is a system for leading programming contest in a simple way. Our main goal is to organize programming contests in our University.

Compiling and running solutions of competitors may be dangerous, so we decided to do that on a virtual machine (we are planning to support many virtual machines).

More details:
We are plan to allow the runnig of the checking module on several computers working under control of various operating systems (Linux, Windows, Solaris, MacOS) with virtual machine running on each of them.

On the first stage we had plan to write many small but reliable programs using technology that suits best the task of the module (Bash, C++, Python,Php, etc.).
Php frontend shall be ready to work standalone or as drupal module.
In Alpha Phase we shall make SCS work on one machine.
In Beta Phase, SCS shall support the virtualisation(one checking thread).Also the process of rewriting everything (save PHP frontend) in C++ shall begin.

Finally all programs shall be rewritten in C++ (save PHP frontend) and combined in bigger components.Feature of multiple checking machines will be added. Easy way to create new problems and competitions shall be creadted. We plan to prepare LiveCD with ready to run system SCS installation.

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